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Atlanta’s Housing Market: What’s Next & New?

atlanta_housing_market_thg_111129_wblogAtlanta’s housing market is strong and is only getting stronger for months now being one of only five American cities to have home prices increase by 2% back in April and the numbers were even higher in May. Because of this, Atlanta has become somewhat of a… Read More

July 23, 2014

Fundamental Checklist to Help You Find The Best Neighborhood to Move Into!

Great_Neighborhoods2There are numerous things to consider when buying a new home, and choosing the right neighborhood for you and your family is very crucial. The infographic gaits you through the distinctions of appraising your future potential neighborhood and provides you with the proper resources you need to determine if… Read More

June 18, 2014

Atlanta’s BeltLine Project To Be Expanded This Fall!

beltlineProgress to be made to the BeltLines Eastside & Westside Trails!Ethan Davidson, the BeltLine spokesman, has stated on Thursday that sometime in the Fall they will begin work on the Westside Trail which, will extend from Washington Park to Adair Park for 3 miles, and work will continue on the Eastside Trail to extend it from…Read More

June 2, 2014



How to Overcome Roadblocks When Investing in Real Estate. 

Clear strategy and leadership solutions It is as easy to succeed as it is to fail. Why does this sound untrue? Because most of us forget that we have a choice: we can enjoy the good and overcome the negative. What we must remember is that when we encounter something that we initially see as negative, we have a choice about how to react…Read More

May 28, 2014




How Much Does A House Cost in Atlanta’s Market Today!

rochester Average home prices are steadily growing in today’s Atlanta’s market. The median home prices in Atlanta continue to grow steadily. As stated by a reliable market analysis released last month, the average price in April 2014 was $197,500, up 12.9% from a year ago and below the national average of…Read More

May 26, 2014 




Top 3 Must-Have Apps for Landlords in 2014!

Apps In this day and age there really is a app for everything and they are designed to make our lives easier. Some people like to stick to the old way of doing things and hey, if its not broke don’t fix it but, for those of you who embrace modern technology and what it brings to the table then we have listed the top 3 apps that every landlord must have to make your job much easier…Read More

May 22, 2013


House Flipping 101: What Makes a House a Good Flip?

House: before and after Flipping houses is hard work and requires some skill in the field. If things aren’t done right, that can be big trouble for you. Finding bargain deals before other real estate investors get them is a huge key to being successful as an investor. You should be creative and use some old and new systems to help you find the best deals…Read More

May 20, 2014


When is it The Right Time to Upgrade to a Bigger Home?

bigger homeAs technology advances rapidly and as families grow, the house you purchased just 10 years ago seems too small and too dated. You just visited your friends brand new house and that made you want a upgrade as well. No house is perfect, and any move requires organized planning and financial responsibilities, but sometimes…Read More

May 19, 2014



5 Key Members you Need on Your Real Estate Investing Team!

Happy business teamCreating wealth is a team sport, the most successful entrepreneurs have achieved wealth because they have a strong team to support them. You’ve heard the old saying “there is no I in team”, this is true because an individual can’t achieve what a team of experts can. With a great team you can work less but build more wealth…Read More

May 13, 2014

Home Staging for Beginners!

11-duggan-living-room-last-detail If you are planning to sell your home, more than likely you have some serious questions on your mind: What repairs are needed? What should my asking price be? Do I need to hire a realtor? All of these are legitimate and important, but they can make you overlook…Read More

May 13, 2014

10 Ways to Increase Your Homes Value!

house-prices-upPrices for housing may have dropped in your area, but there are some smart ways to help increase its value. You don’t have to spend tons of money to get a better price for your home…Read More

May 12, 2014

5 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers!

desperatesellerFinding good real estate deals is not easy in this market. Like most businesses you need customers to drive it. The key to getting great real estate deals is having a bountiful supply of motivated sellers. Finding motivated sellers can be a task, it requires…Read More

May 12, 2014

9 Tips to Attract Young Home Buyers!

Young Couple Moving into a New HomeWith the improving job market and lower interest on home loans, tons of young couples are looking to purchase their first homes!!! This fact is great news if you are looking to sell your house, but you need to be aware of what this new generation…Read More

May 12, 2014

8 Tips on How to Identify a Great School District!

goodTeacher.jpg.Most homebuyers, especially those with a family or those who are planning on having a family consider local school districts when purchasing real estate. Most people do not want to live in a area with a poor or bad school system. Below we have listed 8 qualities that you need to look for when searching for a great school district…Read More

May 5, 2014

When Flipping Houses Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes!

Real-Estate-Investing1 Flipping Houses simply put is buying a house with a plan to sell it for profit. This process can be very complicated and there area many decisions to make from the start. Some are so focused on making a profit that they tend to overlook the basics and end up in a sticky situation. In this article we’ll look at…Read More

April 30, 2014

Why the Atlanta BeltLine is a Hot Spot for House Hunters Today!

beltline While the Atlanta housing market keeps on rising and getting stronger, a couple buying trends have arose and potential homebuyers needs to be aware of these great developments. Since the beginning of the house recovery process more and more Atlanta neighborhoods are becoming more desirable especially those…Read More

April 29, 2014 

10 Helpful Tips to Guide For Sale By Owners to Selling Their House!

Delighted at having soldAs real estate values decline, many sellers are looking at those commissions they have to pay at closing and think, “I can sell my own home!” After all, if you can get $500,000 selling your home yourself, you have potentially saved about…Read More

April 29, 2014 

How Real Estate Professionals Can Help You Sell Your House Fast!

Investing-strategiesYou have worked hard to put your house on the market. You have invested time, money, and had work to make sure that everything goes well. In spite of this, your offers have been, at best, mediocre. The real estate market can be more fickle than the weather in Georgia in the spring. Whether you are struggling to sell, too busy…Read More

April 28, 2014

10 Clever & Bizarre Ways to Sell Your House Fast!

Open-House-SignIn today’s real estate market, it takes more than fresh baked cookies and flowers to attract buyers. Home sellers are resorting to more creative and sometimes unusual tactics to get their house noticed. Listed Below are 10 fantastic & out of the ordinary home selling methods that…Read More

April 23 2014 

5 Guidelines for Atlanta First Time Homebuyers!

The Atlanta housing market has received a lot of attention from the media lately. The city has worked hard to become a welcoming place that feels both like a big city and like home. A large city that feels familiar is often hard to find, and is the allure of Atlanta. The problem is…Read More

April 21, 2014 

Make Your Low Performing Investments Work For You!

If you have a Low Performing Investment such as a low returning IRA, poor performing stocks, old 401K, CD’s & Savings, or even Cash on Hand you have money to lend. These are considered by some to be bad investments because your money is not working for you or it is working hard but not producing well. Why would you…Read More

April 21, 2014 

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